24hrscI’ve got a new cartoon in the just-released Book of Boy Trouble 2 called “The Last 24 Hours of My Life.” For me, this is one of the strangest things I’ve ever drawn, probably because it’s based on real experience, and I’ll never be objective about it. It’s the story of how William and I got together when I was at a low point in my life, literally at death’s doorstep and convinced it was the end. It was an interesting tale to tell people at dinner or over a glass of wine, but I fear it’s a bit more harrowing when read as cartoon narration because images carry a power unto themselves. I’ll just have to let readers decide for themselves whether the piece “works.”

The original art didn’t match the square format of the book (an important little detail I forgot while drawing), so I made it fit by deleting three expendable panels that are reproduced here. The reader should be able to figure out where they fit in the story that was published — but sorry, kids, no prizes for doing this puzzle. And, of course, this means that you’ll have to go out and buy the book to see what the hell I’m talking about. That would be money well-spent. The Book of Boy Trouble is terrific, full of dynamic stories by great cartoonists, and it’s all in full color. Hey, buy two copies! One to have, one to cut up just to put these little panels in place (heh heh).